Become a Workshop Wizard

in five weeks

Deliver workshops that work

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Facilitate any group with confidence

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Craft magical workshop experiences

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Workshop Wizard Program

Over five modules, you will learn everything you need to know to run workshops and solve your clients’ problems. You will also receive all the cheatsheets and resources you need to bring these skills to life in your next workshop.

Module 1

You will learn the Facilitation Skills that will give you confidence to handle any workshop situation, no matter what happens

Module 2

You will master two Essential Recipes that you can tailor to many client problems, or use when you have no time to prepare

Module 3

You will learn the Ingredients that make workshops so powerful and how to use them to craft a workshop that will solve your client’s problem

Module 4

You will learn the techniques for Workshop Magic that will help you craft an experience to wow your client, whether in-person or remote

Module 5

You will practice everything you’ve learnt in Workshop Mocks and walk away ready to be a Workshop Wizard


As a bonus, the Workshop Wizard course includes everything we cover in Virtual Wizardry: how to get the best out of your virtual whiteboard, and what to do when the tech inevitably fails you!

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